Graphcore users can now build and run GNNs with PyTorch Geometric

The leading framework for building and running Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) now works with the leading GNN compute platform — Graphcore IPUs.

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Accelerating PyG on Intel CPUs

In collaboration with the engineering team at Intel, we are excited to announce CPU-accelerated PyTorch Geometric on the latest Intel Xeon platforms.

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Product Recommendations with Weights and Biases

Shopping for products from online stores like Amazon has become like second nature to most of us. One of the reasons for that isn't just the fact that you can get whatever you want at your doorstep but also that Amazon automatically recommends similar products to you when you're trying to buy something so that you can compare them and find the best possible option for you. This brings up a question, how do they find these recommendations?

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Accelerating PyG on NVIDIA GPUs

In collaboration with the engineering team at NVIDIA, we are excited to announce GPU-accelerated PyTorch Geometric using NVIDIA AI. Developers and researchers can take advantage of NVIDIA AI for significantly faster model training, which unlocks the ability to perform Graph Neural Network (GNN) training workflows right in the PyG framework with no line of code change.

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